There were hundreds of people around the pond when the incident happened

A murder during Ganpati visarjan caught on camera no arrests yetPic Courtesy : Sunrise Youtube Channel
news Gulbarga Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 14:27

A man may have been murdered in broad daylight during the Ganesh idol immersion celebrations in Kalaburgi district in front of hundreds of witnesses who noticed nothing amiss.

On Friday afternoon, the body of a man surfaced near the pond of the Sharana Basaweshwara temple in Brahmpur where a Ganesha idol had been immersed a few hours ago.

Later that evening, a video was uploaded onto a website, what appeared to be a group of men attempting to drown a man even as the immersion was being carried out just a few metres away, in before hundreds of people.

“The body was found near the temple pond. We are not sure if it was a murder, however, the family registered a case of murder based on the video. Only further investigation will confirm what exactly happened,” a senior police officer who requested anonymity told The News Minute.

The body was identified as that of Mallikarjuna (26), an employee of in a private firm in Kalaburgi. Mallikarjuna’s body was buried in his land.

“They have tried to make it look like an accident during the Ganesha immersion,” said the police official. There appears to be no other witness to the murder, apart from the person who took the video.

“Mallikarjuna’s family has not given any information that might be useful. We are still looking out for the persons in the video,” the officer said.


The video of Ganesha visarjan in Sharana Basaweshwara temple in Kalaburgi 


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