They used the photo of a man with a name similar to that of the accused

Mumbai Mirror slammed for using wrong image for story on drunk youngsters spitting on cops
news Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 15:09

Mumbai Mirror has apologised to a city resident for wrongly using his photo in a story of four youngsters spitting on cops after they were picked up for drunken driving.

Mirror published a story titled “Biting, spitting on cops after drunk driving lands three in jail” on June 17. Two men and a woman were arrested after they bit and spat on cops who picked them up for drunken driving on Thursday night. The minor who was with them has been sent to a children’s home.

A day later, a man named Chirag Bothra wrote to Mirror on Facebook, saying that his image had been erroneously used against the name of one of the accused. Mirror had used a photo of Chirag, against the name of Chirag Vishal Bothra, one of the accused. Chirag clarified that he was Chirag Anil Bothra and that he was “not at all connected to this incident”.

He posted on Mirror’s Facebook wall: “How can you tarnish any ones reputation like this by putting wrong image and must get your facts right before printing anything on paper. My reputation is at stake and I demand an apology immediately in your newspaper tomorrow with the correction and with a said photograph. Please take a note on this or I'll be forced to go a legal way. This is without prejudice to my legal rights!”

The following day, Mirror published an apology in its print edition, saying: “We extend our apologies to Chirag Anil Bothra and his family for the distress this inadvertent error has caused.”