Groom's lack of education or health issues, often hidden from brides and their families, cause weddings to be called off at the last moment

news Monday, May 04, 2015 - 05:30
Failing to answer a maths problem correctly, having poor eyesight - these are just some of the reasons behind brides dumping their grooms at the altar that have made headlines of late.   On the surface, the stories may appear to be trivial, but there is enough to suggest that the women and their families are now more than ever taking such steps, believing their trust was violated by the man or his family.   Some of the reasons cited by these women – lack of education, or visual impairment – may seem frivolous, but marriage is after all a major life decision that people need to get into with adequate knowledge about the partner.   But in a country like India where arranged marriage happens over one or two perfunctory meetings and after looking into the family background, their financial and social position, it is hardly surprising how much it is possible to hide from the other party.   Here are some instances:   1. In Bihar's Samastipur district, a homeopathy doctor refused to get married to her banker bridegroom as he was dirty dancing with the rest of the baraat. Read more here.   2. A girl in Uttar Pradesh's Mahoba district called off her wedding after the groom turned up drunk and fought with her family and guests. Read the story here.   3. In another UP city, Kanpur, a girl from Rasoolabad village refused to get married after the groom answered incorrectly to her elementary school maths problem. Read about the math problem here.   4. Love may be blind, but that didn't cut it for this bride who called off her wedding near Aonla, UP when she discovered her groom was unable to perform the rituals properly due to poor eyesight. Read the story here.   5. One groom did not tell his bride and her family that he had epilepsy. So when he had a seizure at the wedding in Rampur, UP, the angry bride married a guest who was a member of her brother-in-law's family. Read more here.   6. Down south in Bengaluru, a spat over 30kg of chicken biriyani which was further blown out of proportion by the groom's family, forced the bride to call off the wedding. Read what happened here.   7. As a joke, the friends of the bride gave the groom a wad of cash and asked him to count the currency notes. When they were shocked to find that he was unable to count, they told the bride who immediately cancelled the wedding. Read more here.