With some clever editing, you can see Vadivelu in your favourite films like 'Baahubali' and 'Premam'.

Miss watching Vadivelu in films You can see him in Baahubali and Premam thanks to Photoshop
Flix Memes Friday, July 14, 2017 - 17:55

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a meme maker in possession of a good idea must be in want of a Vadivelu expression to complete the joke.

The Vaigai Puyal has such an incredible range of expressions that you simply cannot keep a straight face when watching him.

Now, however, Vadivelu barely makes an appearance. But his fans, nevertheless, have not forgotten him.

So what if Vadivelu doesn't feature in our favourite movies any more? Why fear when Photoshop is here? 

Here's what Baahubali and Premam would have been like if Vadivelu had been a part of the cast. While the Baahubali series was created by Mahes Balu, the rest have been generated by others inspired by his idea.

Remember the crowd in Baahubali which looks perpetually astonished? Vadivelu can outdo them, no trouble.

And if Baahubali can cross a mountain to see his beloved, why not Vadivelu?

Vadivelu leads the charge for Baahubali in battle.

Who needs CGS when there's Vadivelu?

Now for Premam.

He can be over the top but he can also be subtle.

He can be a lovesick teenager too, why not?

Vadivelu can twist his body just as he can twist his face.

Not always is Vadivelu happy with Malar Miss.

We sure hope this series continues and we get to see more of Vadivelu doing his thang!

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