Flix Saturday, May 02, 2015 - 05:30
Everybody is obsessed with age, perhaps those in their 20s are the only ones who are truly satisfied with their age. Everybody else is either trying to get older, or desperately wants to look younger. But setting apart age-related anxieties and apprehensions, what if you could have some fun with an age-detection app that can give you surprising results? Microsoft's HowOld.net claims to be able to tell if a person is male or female and guess your age as well. Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian, engineers in Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft write that it took them a day to build the app and that the response has been overwhelming. The webpage has become popular in Turkey with a large number of people trying out the page. But what is the truly distinguised feature of this app, is that it can just surprise with its immense knowledge and get your age horribly wrong. But despite this, it is interesting to see what happens when the same person's photos, taken over a period of time, are fed into the app. The thing is, it can actually tell the difference, and throws up different, more or less age-appropriate answers each time.   The News Minute decided to try out the app with some of our more famous present-day icons chosen at random. Here are the results: With Rahul Gandhi being trolled for his ‘immature’ behavior, we all have, at some point or the other wondered how old RaGa is. Let’s see what the application finds out.  This was when we used an older photograph And then, when we used a more recent one, this is what we found.  Kejriwal's age estimate was not as off the mark as it was with Rahul Gandhi.   Even Microsoft buys into the Bollywood time-warp that Shah Rukh Khan is in his 20s.     O Kadhal Kanmani actor Dulquer Salman was not so lucky, but he might get there eventually. Right at the bottom of the screen is a disclaimer, where the developers acknoledge that some of the guesstimates could be a little off the mark and that remind users that they just “wanted to create an experience that was intelligent and fun”.
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