Starting May 20, 2018, Microsoft will no longer make these apps available for download from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft to end support for Teams Yammer Skype for Business on Windows Phones
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 10:43

The phenomenon of Microsoft withdrawing support to some of the outdated apps keeps those in the industry wondering when these exercises will stop. The latest to topic to trigger a debate is the announcement by the tech giant that Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business will no longer be backed by Windows Phone OS.

To many people in the know, the announcement itself came a bit suddenly but without any fanfare attached to it. It was done quietly.

The three apps listed will not even appear on Microsoft Store for download and if someone has already downloaded them, they will not receive any support from Microsoft for running them. And for those users who have been using apps like Skype for Business or Yammer may continue using them but if they land up with ay issues, the company will not come to their rescue to bail them out. This means there will be no updates or patches issued for these apps as well.

In the case of Microsoft Teams, the app may not open at all and post an error message if attempted.

On the mobile platforms running on iOS or Android, however, Microsoft will support Yammer and Skype for Business and Windows desktop version and Mac. If one has a Windows Phone, he or she has to access these apps only through the browser they have on their phones.

These changes come into effect about a month from now, starting May 20, 2018.

Other information on the Yammer app some features are being withdrawn. These include the native org chart feature and the Yammer desktop notifier application. The recent activity module will also not function henceforth. Many of these features have been integrated into the Office 365 program and Microsoft expects the users to take the benefit of the functions from there itself, instead of depending on Yammer.

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