Vijayawada Rural will also see temperatures hit 44.5 degrees Celsius this week, according to Real Time Governance System.

Mercury to hit danger levels in 7 Andhra districts 471C in Nellore Antarvedi Beach in Andhra Pradesh
news Weather Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 12:46

The temperature in seven districts of Andhra Pradesh will hit ‘danger’ levels this week, with the state government’s Real Time Governance System (RTGS) forecasting mercury rising to above 45 degrees Celsius. RTGS classifies 45 degrees Celsius and above as ‘danger’, warning that heat strokes are very likely.

The district-wise heat index summary released by RTGS shows that 32 mandals in Srikakulam, 31 mandals in Krishna district and 28 mandals in Nellore district will see temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius. In Nellore district, four mandals - Vidavalur, Allur, Kodavalur, Dagadarthi will see mercury hit 47.1 degrees Celsius on April 19. This is highest temperature forecast in the state this week. In fact, in Kodavalur mandal, that’s a sharp rise of 7.2 degrees Celsius over this week alone.

Mercury levels in Vijayawada Urban in Krishna district will rise from 42.2C on Tuesday to the ‘danger’ level of 45.2C on Sunday. Vijayawada Rural will hit 44.5C on Saturday, with RTGS urging ‘extreme caution’, warning of possible heat stroke, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion with prolonged exposure and physical activity.

In Prakasam district, where 24 mandals will see heat rise to the danger mark, RTGS has forecast the temperature rising to 46.8 degrees Celsius in Ulavapadu on April 21. Meanwhile, RTGS’s heat index summary states that 14 mandals in Guntur district will see temperature over 45 degrees Celsius, while in Vizianagaram district 13 mandals will see danger levels this week. Three mandals in Chittoor district will see temperatures of above 45 degrees Celsius.

RTGS classifies temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius as extreme danger. The heat index summary by RTGS is based on Indian Space Research Organisation’s forecast and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Heat Index Guidelines.