"We're not them. We're us!"

Meet a Muslim A video that tells you ISIS is to Muslims what Ku Klux Clan is to ChristiansScreengrab
Social Islamophobia Friday, June 17, 2016 - 16:07

"Islam is to Al Qaeda what Christianity is to KKK. We're not them, we're us!"

This is what Muslims of the world want to tell you - that they are not all bad. 

In a video titled, 'Meet a Muslim', we meet a variety of people - a married couple, a mother, a poet and musician, a gay man, a pediatrician, two children and many more. And no points for guessing - they're all Muslim.

What gives them away?

Nothing except that's the last thing they say about themselves. 

People in the video mention the same fears that any of us may have against terrorists, who are most often presumed to be Muslim, except that they fear violence against themselves and their loved ones by virtue of their religion. 

"How can you hate me so much when you haven't even met me?" asks one man.

While set in the American context, the video has a universal message, especially in the context of the recent Orlando massacre.



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