news Wednesday, July 08, 2015 - 05:30
Once a tourist guide, Coimbatore’s P Arvind is now a Guinness World Record-holding celebrity. In April this year, Arvind broke the world record for remembering the largest sequence of binary numbers (0, 1). He looked at 270 randomly generated 0s and 1s for just a minute, and then narrated them in the exact same sequence. He attributes his brain-magic to the Journey Method for better memory. “Journey Method is something that anyone can try for remembering anything. The method is so simple that anyone can learn it and tomorrow anyone can break my record”, says Aravind. Arvind’s talents go beyond just numbers, he also knows about half a dozen European languages thanks to his earlier job as tourist guide. The journey method is a powerful, flexible and effective mnemonic based around the idea of remembering landmarks on a well-known journey. Because the journey method uses routes that one knows well,  a person can code information to be remembered to a large number of easily visualised or remembered landmarks along the routes. Arvind says that the method can be used to remember anything, even lengthy answers for students. But getting here was not easy for Aravind, “For one long year I practiced using locally made software for three hours daily. The software was specially designed to display long sequel of binary numbers. I followed all their guidelines.” On the day he broke the record, he failed the first four times. He decided that this would be the last time, and on the fifth attempt he finally broke the previously made record. The previous record was held by Hyderabad-based Jayasimha, who recalled 254 binaries in a sequence. “Since I broke the world record, many students and parents have called me seeking help for their memory issues. A child can start adopting these methods after the age of nine. Many a times, parents simply use allopathic medicines for memory problems but trust me they never really work”, says Aravind.  Students do not need to sit for long hours to remember their answers. These memory methods can easily help them, he adds. He also wants to start memory tuitions for kids who face memory problems and he has already developed models for them. Today Aravind does not need a pen to jot down his phone numbers or even credit card numbers. He can easily remember them and stay independent of gadgets. “I intend to start a Memory Club, similar to a football club where people will subscribe and together we can share our knowledge about memory methods and spread the word to more people”, says Aravind.  
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