It was advocate Ranjanie Ramanandan's timely intervention that helped save Saji’s life.

Meet the Kerala woman who helped save the life of man who fell from building
news Human Interest Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 17:20

A woman stands in the middle of a busy road at night, trying to talk to people gathered near her. While some men walk off, some can be seen standing there, even as the woman speaks to them with urgency. 

When the people around her choose to not respond, she can be seen fishing out her mobile phone from her bag and desperately calling someone. 

Soon enough, you get to know the reason for the woman's urgent calls for help- an injured man lies on the road, with not one person coming forward to take the him to the hospital. 

This act by Kochi-based lawyer Ranjanie Ramanandan has now saved the life of Saji, who fell off a multi-storeyed building near Padma junction in the city, a few days ago. 

When Saji fell off the building onto a scooter parked on the road, not one bystander came forward to take him to the hospital. He lay in a pool of blood for at least 20 minutes, before Ranjanie managed to convince the people to help her get medical help.

Days after the incident, visuals of Saji's fall, Ranjanie was lauded for her humanitarian gesture. 

While some on social media called her the "advocate of humanity" Kerala Chief Minister took notice of her act. 

On Tuesday, Ranjanie the State Legislative Assembly also lauded the lawyer’s timely intervention. 

TNM caught up with Ranjanie, a practicing lawyer at Kerala High Court. 

In a calm but firm voice, advocate Ranjanie says that she never anticipated what would happen. 

"My daughter and I were going to the metro station, when we saw this man lying in a pool of blood. We didn't know how he got there, whether it was a road accident... But the only thought that came to my mind was that he needed to be taken to the hospital, since I noticed that he was still alive," she narrates. 

However, people around her were hesitant to come forward to help the injured man. 

"Maybe they were scared that they would have to take up the responsibility if they take him to the hospital. But that is because of their ignorance of the law. Our police and law is quite liberal, anyone can take an injured person to the hospital, they will not get into trouble. They didn't openly tell me that they were scared to take the man to the hospital, but it was evident from their faces," Ranjanie says. 

While attempts to take Saji in an autorickshaw failed, Ranjanie stopped a car and convinced them to take him to the hospital. 

"I called up Suchindra Mission hospital, but then they did not have an ambulance to send, but said that they will attend to the patient if we take him there immediately. After I said this to the people, they were more willing to listen. I told them they just had to go with the man, all arrangements had been made at the hospital," she says. 

As praise continues to come her way, the Kochi police felicitated Ranjanie and her daughter Vishnupriya on Tuesday. 

"Even at that event, the police emphasized that nobody should be scared," she says. 


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