Merajuddin Syed has become a local hero over the past few weeks

Meet the Hyderabad cop who helps riders with free petrolImage: Facebook/Vijay Vj
news Saturday, September 05, 2015 - 12:31

Vijay, a resident of Hyderabad, was going home from work on August 26 when his bike ran out of fuel.

As he was pushing his vehicle, on the lookout for a place to refill, he was stopped by Merajuddin Syed, a traffic policeman who was on duty near the Begumpet area of the city.

“When he came to know that I had run out of petrol, he yelled at a man beside him to get a bottle of petrol from his bike. Meanwhile, he told me that he has got a hike and with the raise in his salary, he wanted to help people. Now, he helps people out who have run out of petrol, gives it to them free of cost. I was so overwhelmed by his kind and helpful nature. Hats off to you,” Vijay wrote in a Facebook post that had earlier gone viral.

Merajuddin Syed has become a local hero over the past few weeks and is always greeted with a smile as vehicles pass by.

He carries 6 bottles of petrol in his scooty and refuses to take any money for it, even if the vehicle owner insists.

Syed was interviewed by ANI recently where he spoke about his inspiration to do the good deed, and how the idea came up.

He also added that he was content with what he was doing. "I like when they smile after a messy day. I want people to understand that we (police) are not here just to punish offenders or to take a bribe. We can also help them."