The attackers threatened them and destroyed their equipment.

Media persons allegedly attacked by BJP workers in Ottapalam court premisesAsianet News/Screengrab
news Violence Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 18:23

Three media persons were attacked in Ottapalam in Palakkad on Tuesday and reportedly by BJP workers. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon, when the journalists tried to record visuals of three BJP workers who were brought to the judicial first class magistrate court in Ottapalam.

The three BJP workers were arrested in connection with clashes with CPI(M) workers in Nellayi of Palakkad district.

Asianet News senior reporter Shyam Kumar, Reporter TV scribe Sreejith and City channel’s cameraperson Anoop are the three media persons who were attacked. 

In a video of the incident published by Asianet, the journalists can be seen getting manhandled, while the attackers have also been caught destroying equipment including cameras. Two police officers are seen walking off from the scene, without making any effort to stop the journalists from being beaten up.

Asianet News reports that the police present in the compound “gave silent consent to the attackers by not stopping them.” The report further states that the attackers also threatened the journalists.

According to the report, the police brought the three BJP workers to the court in a private vehicle, followed by a number of BJP workers on bikes, who then attacked the journalists. 

Meanwhile, Chief Minister's office informed that strict action would be taken against those behind the attack. Saying that the government has the responsibility to protect media freedom, he said that any attempt to curb media freedom would be prevented. He further said that the attack on journalists in Ottapalam is not in accordance with the principles of democracy.