The burglar attacked more than one person in one night and the police are looking for him.

Man who confronted serial burglar murdered in Bengalurus Yelahanka
news Crime Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 17:26

A shocking incident of serial burglary and murder has been reported in Bengaluru’s Yelahanka New Town area.

A 68-year-old man was allegedly killed while trying to fight a burglar, who had entered his home.

At around 3 am, the Yelahanka New Town Police Station received a call from a man named Mohammad Ashraf.

“The man had called to report an attempted burglary and also said that the thief had hit his minor son on the head with a stone. The boy’s injuries, fortunately, were minor ones,” said Yelahanka New Town Police Inspector Manjunath.

Soon after the call came in, a Hoysala was sent out to patrol the area, while the police reached Ashraf’s house.

While patrolling the streets, the officers in the Hoysala found a briefcase on the Main Road near Manasa Hospital.

“When we opened it, we found an identity card of a man named Ananth Ramaiah. His house is also located on the same road as Mohammad Ashraf’s. We immediately went to his house. Ramaiah had tried to fight the burglar and was beaten with an iron rod on his head. The burglar then escaped with the suitcase,” the Inspector added.

Ramaiah was immediately rushed to Baptist Hospital, where he succumbed to his injury. Police said that Ramaiah’s neighbours too reported similar incidents of attempted burglary on that very night.

“He broke into the homes through the back door and five people have reported that a man with blue pants and white shirt, matching the unidentified burglar’s description had attempted to rob them on Tuesday morning,” Inspector Manjunath added.

The Yelahanka New Town Police have registered a case of murder assault and burglary. Three teams have been formed to look for the unidentified assailant and Hoysalas have been deployed for 24x7 patrolling.


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