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The News Minute | September 20, 2014 | 10:38 pm IST Those husbands in fight mode with their wives and would like to patch up, can take cue from this man. Darius Wlodarski waited for 44 hours to buy the latest iphone 6 for his wife from an Apple store in Bristol, England. In a video uploaded by SWNS TV on YouTube, Wlodarski, 41, says that his wife split from him a month ago 'after 20 years of marriage' because he was not 'the best husband and father unfortunately'. He wants to buy her a phone to make her happy and hopes they will get together.  According to Mail Online, Wlodarski's wife split with him because of his obsession with gadgets. Despite being out of work, he bought the $800 phone for her with his credit card to keep the promise he made to her before they split.  Watch SWNS TV's video here.
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