news Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 05:30
In a peculiar incident, a man driving a car in the Hasanpur area in Meerut on Sunday was booked for not wearing a helmet. According to a report in The Times of India, Shailender Singh was asked to show his vehicle documents to the police. He was reportedly not allowed to go even though all the papers were in order. He was then given a challan for not wearing a helmet, with even the car’s registration number on the receipt. “I was getting late as I had to take my 4-month-old son to a doctor but the cop kept holding me up for some reason. After I had a heated discussion with him, to my surprise, he challaned me for not wearing a helmet. This is ridiculous. I never knew I had to don a helmet while driving a car,” he was quoted as telling the newspaper. Singh took up the matter with the SSP who has ordered for an enquiry into the matter. The traffic cop Shivraj Singh who issued the challan alleged that the issue was being made into a big deal and it was just a technical mistake. The policeman added that Singh was to be fined for talking into a mobile phone while driving but the other challan was issued by mistake instead. Also read: If you don't have a place to park in Shimla, don't buy a car
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