A group of men in Madurai attacked two daily wage workers on Sunday, beheading one and leaving the other with stab wounds.

Two unidentified assailants attack a man in Madurai city
news Crime Monday, November 16, 2020 - 18:14

A horrific scene of violence unfolded in Madurai’s Keezh Veli Street on Sunday evening when two men were hacked by a gang of unidentified assailants. While one of the victims was found with stab wounds and admitted to a government hospital, the other man was found beheaded on the busy roads, despite the presence of eyewitnesses.

The two victims were daily wage workers and, according to the police, history sheeters. Twenty-one-year-old Muruganandam was murdered while 25-year-old Muniasamy is currently undergoing treatment. The attack was briefly captured by a passer-by on his mobile phone and shared on social media. This in turn created alarm amongst the general public. CCTV footage was later recovered from the spot to identify the assailants. A vehicle with weapons was also seized by the police from near the spot of the crime.

Speaking to TNM, an investigating officer said, “We are yet to arrest those involved in the crime. Two special teams have been formed under the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner to find the assailants. The victim who died, Muruganandam, has several cases against him in Ramanathapuram district.”

The attack took place at close to 5 pm on Sunday and the assailants were reportedly indifferent to the traffic on the road and to the eyewitnesses present when they committed the crime.

This incident comes on the same day that the state witnessed another horrific attack in Dindugal district, where 80-year-old businessman Natarajan was caught on camera shooting at three men over a land dispute. The incident took place at 10.30 am on Monday, in broad daylight in Palani's Appar Street. While one of the men escaped from the spot, the two others suffered injuries and had to be hospitalised. “The cause for the shooting was a land dispute. Natarajan had a licensed gun and used this to shoot the victims. He has been arrested and an investigation is underway,” an investigating officer told TNM.

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