Features Friday, June 19, 2015 - 05:30
  As part of divorce agreements, a German man was reportedly asked to give half of what he owns to his wife. He did that, quite literally. The man cut everything, from their furniture to electronic appliances and even the teddy bear, to halves and has reportedly sent one part to his now ex-wife. Clearly, his dislike for his ex-wife seems to have outweighed his attachment for their belongings.  The other half, he has put up on Ebay for sale. According to a Mashable report, he has even put up a description on Ebay, the translated version of which reads, "Thank you for 12 'beautiful' years, Laura! You've really earned half."  Here is the picture of the half-car.      Half chairs.     The teddy wasn't spared either.     The half sofa.      Half-phone     The half-iPhone as well.     The other things on the list of halves he has put on Ebay include a bed, helmet, CD case with CD, DVD player and a television. View the list here. The man also posted a video of himself cutting all the things into two.    Video of ZHLg_9DGbSg   The man's got precision. You've got to give him that.     
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