Manju Nayak was arrested in connection to the death of Poojitha, a native of Mandya district who took her life at the paying guest accommodation in the city on May 24.

Man arrested in connection with suicide of architect at PG in BengaluruRepresentational image
news Crime Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 07:41

Bengaluru police arrested one person in connection with the suicide of a 24-year-old woman in a paying guest accommodation in Hanumanthanagar in the city on May 24. 

Poojitha, a native of Mandya district, took her own life at the paying guest accommodation on SL Byrappa Road in Hanumanthanagar. She was working as an architect in the city. 

Police officials have arrested Manju Nayak, a friend of Poojitha, in connection with the case. In a suicide note Poojitha left behind, she blamed a man for constantly harassing her but she did not name the person. Police officials at Hanumanthanagar police station took up a case of abetting a suicide against the person. Five days after the incident, they arrested Manju. 

"We found a suicide note in which she mentioned that she was being harassed by a man. In the note, she mentioned that the harassment was causing her trouble and that she was ending her life because she was unable to bear it," said CV Ravi, an inspector at Hanumanthanagar police station. 

"We later found another note in which Manju was blamed and we have now arrested him for abetting the suicide," the inspector said. A case was registered under section 306 of the IPC against Manju based on the complaint registered by Manjunatha CS, the brother of Poojitha. 

Police officials were alerted to Poojitha's death after the PG owner found her body and informed one of her friends. She was found aaround 3 pm in the afternoon on Friday. Poojitha's brother Manjunatha later told police that Manju Nayak called him about Poojitha's death from his sister's mobile phone. 

Poojitha had been staying in the PG for the past few months. She was introduced to the PG by Manju Nayak.