Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 05:30
Image source: Mammootty/Facebook     Minutes before television actor Kishore Sathya went on stage to receive the award for the Best Actor for his role in “Karuthamuthu” at the recently concluded Asianet Television Awards 2015, a remark reportedly made by actor Mammootty apparently upset many in the crowd.   Mammootty, who was the chief guest at the event, was called upon stage to present the award.   It is then he reportedly said, "Has everyone got an award today? On what basis is this award being given? It is to make everyone happy, right?"   If everyone present at the award ceremony hadn't been taken aback  till now, what he further said could likely have done the trick.   The actor said Asianet doles out awards to only satisfy those who work for the channel, adding that all the channel’s serials were sub-standard.   Mammootty reportedly even intentionally stressed the word "Best" while announcing the result and walked away after giving just one award.     Image source: Asianet Global/Facebook   The event is scheduled to be telecast on June 6 and June 7 on Asianet, but Mammootty’s remarks have already been reported by the local media.   Sujith Sunder, the director of the serial “Chandanamazha”, in an interview to Marunadanamalayali said, “He (Mammootty) could have avoided the function or could have kept quiet rather than criticising serials. Serials are livelihood for many and if he does not like them, he should not be insulting them either.”   Sujith also pointed out how Mammootty’s brother Ebrahim Kutty himself works in the television industry and that the star actor should not forget about the Asianet film awards.   Ironically, the Asianet film awards which honours professionals working in the film industry, has regularly given awards to Mammootty and Mohanlal- at times to the extent of creating an entire new category just for the superstars of the Malayalam film industry.   This year Mammootty got the Best Actor award whereas Mohanlal received an award in the Special Actor category. Both actors were given the Best Actor and Millenium Actor awards respectively last year.   Mammootty’s remarks have also become a topic of intense discussion on social media. While the actor’s ardent fans defended him and even hailed him for “saving” them, there were also those whose comments echoed Sujith’s opinion.   This is what some social media users said in support of Mammootty.   "We are fed up of serials, and also of the awards given to them...Mammootty you rocked." "Mammootty has come to save us from the evil of serials, please save us." "Sir, please do something to stop these serials. This a humble request from a cricket fan." "Sir, the serial “Amma” started when I was in standard seven and now I have completed my graduation. Please do something about it." "We are scared to go home before 11:00 pm because of serials."   Social media users who felt differently said this.    "This is his pride speaking. He tried to prove television serials are inferior to cinema." "If he does not like serials he could have just avoided the function." "He too has got awards which he did not deserve." "Your brother is a serial artist. Don’t forget that."   (All comments have been translated from Malayalam)   Also read: Serving an ace: Kerala housewives find strength through volleyball