The 'Chandanamazha' actor put up a teaser that shows the couple playing football on the beach.

Malayalam TV actor Meghnas wedding teaser misses goal trolls have a ball
Social Social Media Wednesday, May 03, 2017 - 16:03

Malayalam TV actor Meghna Vincent recently uploaded a wedding teaser video. The actor got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Don Tomy on April 23 and the couple tied the knot on April 30. However, Meghna's "playful" teaser has not won her any new fans.

The Chandanamazha actor has been the darling of Malayalam serial lovers since 2014. Nevertheless, the teaser video which was published on April 28 has been declared a flop on social media. Though 4,62,000 people have watched the video, it has a whopping 36,097 Dislikes compared to a mere 577 Likes. 

The teaser has Meghna and her fiance playing football on the beach. Meghna kicks the ball towards Don, the goalkeeper. However, the football lands on his...crotch. Ouch. 

If you are scratching your head, wondering what the point was, you are not alone. Needless to say, the troll army has landed on the video in full strength. From memes advising Don to follow better safety precautions to others depicting Lionel Messi congratulating Meghna for her kick, the Internet is having fun. The video has around 1500 comments with most of them taunting the maker as well as the actor. 


This is not Meghna's first experience with internet 'stardom'. Earlier, during the Aruvikkara bye-elections, she had campaigned for the BJP and had said that she was unable to wear make-up while travelling in the car because of Kerala's bad roads. And that had set off a round of memes and trolling, too.

Though their video may not have generated the kind of publicity they wanted, here's wishing the couple all the very best. 







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