“I am a transgender and a woman at heart”.

Malayalam television reality show gets a transgender contestant on board
Flix Reality show Friday, April 22, 2016 - 07:26

Malayalam television reality shows have long since had dance and music as their domain. Apart from mere song and dance routines, they now seem to want to incorporate just that touch of social responsibility to it.   

D4Dance -a dance reality show on Mazhavil Manorama- launched its third season by bringing in a transgender contestant on board. 

Though reality shows have been a household name for nearly a decade in Kerala, Jazz D’souza is possibly the first transgender contestant to take part in one. 

“I am a transgender and a woman at heart,” she is seen reiterating a number of times on many episodes of the show. 

D4 Dance -in its 12th episode aired on April 18- included a special segment as a campaign to support the transgender community. The video clip which captured Jazz’s childhood trauma and the issues she faced later in life is part of a campaign to spread awareness about the transgender community and serves as a wake-up call for society to treat them with respect. 

Jazz returned to her homeland after nearly seven years of exile in Mumbai where she used to work as a bar dancer.

“Right from the beginning I loved to grow my finger nails and paint them. But it was only after I left home and went to Mumbai that I began to dress up like a woman. I also changed my name,” said Jazz, speaking to The News Minute over phone. 

Her family has never been able to support her owing to societal pressures. “When I appeared on the show, neighbours and relatives began to rebuke my family once more and doled out free advice that I try and live with dignity. It is on this show that I am able to live my life with dignity…a space where I am accepted and recognized for my talent,” she said. 


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