Jinu alleges that the airline staff mistreated him on an Abu Dhabi bound flight from New York.

Malayalam actor alleges racial discrimination by Etihad airlinesJinu Joseph/Facebook
news Social media Friday, April 29, 2016 - 16:32

Malayalam actor Jinu Joseph’s Facebook profile turned into a virtual battleground on Friday, after the actor posted a series of posts narrating his ordeal while flying with Etihad airlines. 

Jinu alleges that the airline staff mistreated him on an Abu Dhabi bound flight from New York. According to the posts, on complaining about being unable to switch off the TV screen so that he could sleep in peace, the steward tried to cover it with a blanket instead of fixing it and threatened to get him arrested for complaining further.

“Want to go to sleep n try to switch the tv off .. Does not happen ... Ask the steward ... He comes with a blanket to cover the tv ... Business class, mind you ... So I ask him if this is how he deals with it n that I am going to take a video of this ... He snatches the phone from my hand n says he will have me arrested in Abu Dhabi ... The stewardess comes along n threatens me too ... What exactly am I paying for to fly business.... To get arrested for the incompetence of the staff ???? If there is a problem with technology, hey I understand... Threatening me ... Not happening,” he wrote.


After posting the video on Facebook, the actor went on to post his complaint on Etihad airline’s Facebook page and wrote that he was discriminated on racial grounds. In return, he was asked for his ‘case reference number’ to be “sent by direct message” so that the issue could be looked into.

Jinu’s fans on Facebook soon began to react to the treatment he was subjected to. Latest in the series of posts says that he has been arrested at Abu Dhabi airport, which invited further furious responses from his fans. 

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