Mahadayi issue: Amit Shah blames Siddaramaiah, CM calls him a liar

Amit Shah’s statement comes after Congress leaders in the state including Siddaramaiah questioned the BJP’s central leadership in the Mahadayi dispute.
Mahadayi issue: Amit Shah blames Siddaramaiah, CM calls him a liar
Mahadayi issue: Amit Shah blames Siddaramaiah, CM calls him a liar
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The BJP has upped their campaign in Karnataka with both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party’s national President Amit Shah touring the state with less than a week to go for polling.

On Sunday, Amit Shah, who was addressing a public meeting in Belagavi, took a dig at Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and blamed the incumbent government for the Mahadayi issue remaining unresolved.

“Siddaramaiah must answer. What has he done in the past five years? He has to be answerable. If he had done his work properly, The water from Mahadayi river would have reached the fields of Belgaum (Belagavi). But because of his arrogance, he did not indulge in proper dialogue with other states. Bring the BJP to power and I promise you, we will resolve the Mahadayi issue within six months,” Amit Shah said.

Amit Shah’s statement comes after the Congress leaders in the state including Siddaramaiah, questioned why the BJP’s central leadership did not intervene in the Mahadayi dispute, considering the fact that the saffron party is in power in Goa and Maharashtra.

Amit Shah also accused the Congress leaders of corruption and looting people’s hard earned money. “When the Congress leaders began their career, they drove mopeds. But now they are driving Audis. Where did all that money come from?” Shah said.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was quick to respond and called Amit Shah the “Shah of lies.” “This moped to Audi story is a story. No proof. Under Modi government, your son increased his revenue from 50,000 to 80.5 crore. It is proved with documents. Amit Shah please stop telling these lies. Tell us what have you done for Karnataka? Advice to sell pakodas does not count,” Siddaramaiah said in a tweet.

Amit Shah also criticised the state government’s move to celebrate Tipu Jayanti and questioned why Siddaramaiah is “speaking the same language as Pakistan.”

“Siddaramaiah keeps chanting Tipu, Tipu. Pakistan also speaks the same language. Why is Siddaramaiah speaking the same language as Pakistan,” Amit Shah said.

Ever quick with his response, Siddaramaiah called Shah’s statement a desperate attempt and questioned the BJP government’s contribution towards the Mahadayi issue.

“Poor Amit Shah, you are so desperate. Nothing is working. Tippu, Pakistan etc. do not help you. Tell us about how you betrayed the people of North Karnataka after promising to resolve the Mahadayi issue. Basavanna said ‘don’t tell lies’. But the Shah of lies cannot help himself,” Siddaramaiah added.

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