A few news reports suggested that Akshara Haasan had converted to Buddhism.

Love unlike religion is unconditional Kamal Haasan on Aksharas interest in BuddhismFacebook/ Shruti Haasan
Flix Kollywood Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 15:26

Actor Kamal Haasan who has declared himself as an atheist several times recently took to Twitter to ask his daughter, Akshara, if she'd "changed her religion".

Akshara had reportedly told a newspaper that she had converted to Buddhism as she was drawn to its principles.

Responding to the media reports, Kamal tweeted asking Akshara if she'd changed her religion and also added that he loved her all the same.

"Love unlike religeon (sic) is unconditional. Enjoy life" the actor said.

Akshara replied to her father, clarifying that she was still an atheist and that she was drawn to Buddhism as a way of life.

On Anbudan DD, a talk show on Vijay TV, Shruti Haasan, Kamal's elder daughter and Akshara's sister, had said that she was the only believer in the family who went to temples regularly.

While his contemporary Rajinikanth is quite religious, Kamal has prided himself on being a rationalist who has rejected religion. Over the years, he has been accused of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus as well as Muslims because of his statements and films, with the actor alleging that all of it was politically motivated.

Akshara is currently looking forward to the release of her Tamil film Vivegam, in which she has acted with Ajith. She has also worked as an assistant director previously and made her Bollywood debut with Shamitabh in which she acted along with Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan.

The open-minded exchange between father and daughter on a volatile subject like religion has created a stir on Twitter, with people applauding them but also asking why they couldn't have discussed this in person.