Live Blog: Malappuram bye-poll results, track the numbers here

The Lok Sabha constituency, with an electorate of 13 lakh votes, had registered a polling turnout of 71.33%.
Live Blog: Malappuram bye-poll results, track the numbers here
Live Blog: Malappuram bye-poll results, track the numbers here
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The Malappuram bye-poll vote counting began on Monday at 8 am at Government College, Malappuram. The Lok Sabha constituency, with an electorate of 13 lakh votes, had registered a polling turnout of 71.33%. Seven assembly constituencies in the district, Malappuram, Vengara, Kondotty, Vallikkunnu, Perinthalmanna, Mankada and Manjeri constitute the Lok Sabha constituency.

Congress-led UDF candidate PK Kunhalikutty of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), Communist Party of India-Marxist's (CPM) MB Faisal of ruling LDF and BJP nominee N Sreeprakash were the main contestants in the fray. There were also six independents in the fray for the election. The bye-polls were held following the death of IUML leader E Ahmmed. 

Malappuram is the stronghold of IUML, and E Ahmed won the elections in 2009 and 2014. In 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Ahmed won by a margin of 1.94 lakhs.

However, in 2004 lok sabha polls, Malappuram constituency was divided to two, Manjeri and Ponnani, where in Manjeri CPI (M) candidate TK Hamza won, which was an unusual victory for CPI (M) in Malappuram. 

Here are the updates:

11.58 am: IUML's PK Kunhalikutty wins for a margin of 171038 votes. 

11.28 am: Total number of votes: UDF gets 494208 votes, CPI (M) gets 325102 and BJP gets 62666. Speaking to reporters, PK Kunhalikutty said that decrease in BJP's vote share was a positive sign. 

11.04 am: UDF's Kunhalikutty crosses 1.5 lakh lead margin, gets 150882 votes. 

10.52 am: Speaking to reporters, MB Faisal said that the LDF has got an 8 per cent increase in their vote share.  "We are positive that LDF will win," he said. 

10.42 am: In na telephonic conversation with Media One on the bye-poll results, AK Antony said, "This is a warning for state and central government."

10.35 am: As Kunhalikutty's lead margin increases to 128290 votes, IUML workers distribute green laddoos, erupts in celebrations, say reports.

10.27 am: Total number of votes so far: UDF- 334128 votes ; CPI (M) -211631 votes ; BJP - 41131 votes. Kunhalikutty leads by 123018 votes.

10.05 am:  UDF's lead margin crosses 1 lakh, Kunhalikutty leads by 100123 votes    

9.58 am:  UDF's lead margin nearing 1 lakh votes, leads by 91,627 votes.

9.55 am:  All the 3 postal votes goes to BJP's N Sreeprakash.

9.50 am: Kunhalikutty's lead margin increases by 81,368 votes.

9.41 am:  PK Kunhalikutty invokes his poll promise, says it is IUML's secularism that has given the party success in the bye-poll.

9.35 am: PK Kunhalikutty leads by 64,507 votes. 

9.30 am: Total number of votes stands as follows: UDF- 164908 ; CPI (M)-108746 ; BJP -21730.

9.22 am: UDF crosses 50,000 lead margin. In 2014 Lok Sabha polls, IUML's E Ahmed won by a margin of 1.94 lakhs.

9.14 am: PK Kunhalikutty's lead margin crosses 40,000. Leads by 42,643 votes.

9.07 am: After the first hour, UDF continues to lead with huge margin in all seven constituencies. Kunhalikutty leads by 31,000 votes. NOTA gets 500 votes. 

9 am: UDF leads with 24400 votes.

8.58 am: CPI (M) leads in Kondotty among the seven assembly constituencies in Malappuram. UDF leads in all other six constituencies.

8.56 am: PK Kunhalikutty tells media: "This election will help to strengthen IUML statewide. I will not tell the kind of majority I will get, my voters have already decided that."

8.51 am: UDF's PK Kunhalikutty leads by 18288 votes, celebrations begin. 

8.46 am: Kunhalikutty 14055 by leads, LDF leads in Kondotty (Mathruhumi News)

8.40 am: 30 minutes into counting, UDF gets 40434 votes, LDF gets 28616 votes and BJP gets 7890. (Mathrubhumi News)

8.35 am: Kunhalikutty leads by 10247 votes. (Mathrubhumi News)

8.29am: As UDF's Kunhalikutty leads with 3491 votes, 128 voters opted for NOTA. (Asianet News)

8.25 am: Speaking to reporters from his residence in Malappuram, PK Kunhalikutty says UDF will win with huge margin. (Asianet News)

8.22 am: In IUML stronghold Malappuram, UDF candidate PK Kunhalikutty leads by 3205 votes. (Asianet News) 

8.21 am: PK Kunhalikutty secures 6508 votes, LDF's MB Faisal secures 3303 votes and BJP's Sreeprakash is at 304. (Asianet News)

8.17 am: IUML's PK Kunhalikutty leads with 3000 votes. (Asianet News)

8 am: Counting begins.

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