Flix Friday, January 16, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute | October 24, 2014 | 10.49 pm IST American T-shirt brand FCKH8’s video shows young girls swearing on camera against sexism and violence against women. Not everybody is ok with dropping “F-bombs for feminism”. The video, which was posted on Tuesday, was initially removed by YouTube for ‘violating YouTube's terms of service’, but later reinstated, according to The Independent. A YouTube spokesperson told The Independent: "Our policy team had a look at the video and it looks like there was an error and it shouldn't have been removed. As a result they have now reinstated it." The video features five girls between the ages of 6 and 13 dressed as princesses, swearing against sexism. One of the girls ask in the video- “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f**k or the sexist way society treats girls and women?” See the video here: The T-shirt company FCKH8.com is known for printing equality slogans and social issue straplines. Towards the end of the video, women wearing T-shirts which says- “Girls just want to have FUN-damental rights” are also present. The company in the ad says that their product is sale for $15, and that $5 from every sale will go to ‘anti-sexism organisations and projects”. The video is becoming one of the most talked about topics in social media platforms. It was made by video producer- Mike Kon. Kon said to The Independent- “Some adults may be uncomfortable with how these little girls are using a bad word for a good cause. It is shocking what they are saying, but the real shock is that women still paid less than men for the same work in 2014, not the use of the F-word. . . The big statistic that 1 out of 5 women are sexually assaulted or raped is something society seems to find less offensive than a little four letter word and we love how these girls draw attention to that imbalance.”
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