Inspector Sunitha was transferred to the Commissioner’s office in Cyberabad, allegedly due to political pressure.

Let her stay with us Telangana resident breaks down over woman cops transfer
news Transfer Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 15:42

A woman stands behind a police officer, crying. The officer holds her hand. “Why are you crying!?” she asks. “Because you’re leaving our Moinabad!” the woman says, crying harder, as she embraces the police officer, Inspector S Sunitha. Sunitha, too, breaks down as they hug, and walks away from the room with the woman.

This emotional moment in Telangana’s Moinabad was caught on camera after Sunitha was given a transfer order, and comes days after a Tamil Nadu teacher was mobbed by crying students when he was transferred to another school.

Moinabad Inspector S Sunitha is seen by the people as an upright officer, who has helped the people in the town – especially the women and children. However, she received a transfer order on Friday evening, despite the fact that she hasn’t completed her two-year tenure at Moinabad. The transfer to the Cyberabad Commissioner’s office allegedly came due to political pressure.

As soon as local residents came to know about the transfer, several people rushed to the police station, asking her not to leave Moinabad. And one of them was Noorjahan Begum, who says Sunitha has been a friend and a mother in her time of need.

Noorjahan is a single woman, fighting her estranged husband for her property. She says her husband has made several attempts to get his hands on her property, and has even resorted to threats and violence.

“I had lost all faith in justice. I have no kids and no family. There is no one to take care of me. I did not have any purpose to live. And my estranged husband has repeatedly harassed me to give away the house, which rightfully belongs to me. I was depressed. During this time, Sunitha madam helped me, and assured me that I can fight and win the legal battle,” Noorjahan tells TNM over the phone.

“Her motivational words and concern towards me made me give up the idea of suicide. She is like a mother to me,” Noorjahan breaks down.

“She doesn’t discriminate between the rich and the poor. She is an honest officer, and she shows special attention towards women. She knows the problems we face,” Noorjahan says.

“When I couldn’t control my emotions and broke down, even she cried. That shows her love towards us. The government should cancel her transfer orders. We want her to stay with us,” she adds.

Several other residents of Moinabad, too, share similar views. According to them, the girls and women felt safe after the Inspector implemented Telangana police’s controversial ‘Chabutra’ drive with a hard fist in Moinabad.

The Chabutra mission involves detaining youngsters and men found ‘loitering’ in public after 11pm. 

TNM got in touch with Inspector Sunitha, who says she is happy to have worked with the people of Moinabad. “They treated me well, and respect me. I am sad about having to leave Moinabad,” she says.

The villagers are even thinking of convening a press conference asking the government to revoke the orders.

Moinabad Sarpanch, B Satyanarayana speaking tells TNM, “This is a terrible decision by the government to transfer her. She does not have any allegation against her. Just because she was resolving all the problems of the locals, without the need for any political intervention, she’s being transferred, I feel.”

“She is a rare police Inspector. Women previously would hesitate to approach the police, but after she came, all the women would go and complain if they face some problem,” he adds.

Sunitha, too, says there could be political interference in her transfer. “Though my tenure is supposed to be for two years, they have transferred me after 11 months. This is because of political pressure,” she alleges.

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