A DYFI leader's inflammatory speech and the CITU's display of thuggery go against Pinarayi's efforts

Lefts political thuggery in Kerala Is Pinarayis focus on development at risk
news Analysis Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 18:50

At one end we have Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan telling the Kerala assembly that political violence cannot be a solution to resolving ideological differences. 

At the other end, we have the likes of C S Subair –Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI -the Left youth wing) Kasargod vice-president publicly threatening police officials posted at the Kumbla and Manjeswaram police stations in Kasargod.

Subair’s inflammatory speech -which incidentally has gone viral on social media- was delivered at a protest meeting over the arrest of a DYFI worker by sub-inspector Melvin Jose at Kumbla in Kasargod. 

Kabeer was reportedly manhandled in the lock-up at the police station.

Subair can clearly be heard bragging about what would happen if Melvin sets aside his uniform and has a one-to-one showdown right in the middle of the town. He goes on to subtly threaten Melvin’s family too, warning that Melvin’s home in Kannur is now under the eye of the Left comrades there.

Manjeswaram sub-inspector P Pramod too comes in for a share of vile abuse by Subair for sins unknown to the public as of now.

This comes in the backdrop of CITU (Centre of Indian Trade Unions -a Leftist trade union) recently suspending three of its workers for brutally attacking a car showroom owner at Edapally in Ernakulam on October 17.

This, despite strict directives being issued by the top brass to the party cadre to defer from political violence of any sort, in the face of mounting public criticism.

Ever since the Left government assumed power in Kerala in May 2016, there has been a spate of political killings, especially in north Kerala, as a result of continued clashes between the RSS and Left.

Pinarayi has been working overtime to project his government as a fair, non-partisan centre of power out to dispense justice to one and all, irrespective of political affiliations.

Trying to move away from the 'anti-development' tag that leftist policies have always carried, the Pinarayi government even went to the extent of appointing Gita Gopinath -a 'neo-liberal' as its economic advisor, only to draw more flak.

But his very own party cadre seems hell-bent on undermining such efforts by continuing to resort to settling political scores through ruffian tactics.

Will the LDF government which swept to power with a thumping majority and riding on anti-incumbency wave, end up digging its own political grave even before its five-year tenure is over?


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