Britain gets its first case of divorce linked to the Ashley Madison hack.

Lawyers dont need to wait for Christmas first Ashley Madison divorce case is already here
Flix Friday, August 21, 2015 - 17:23


Britain got its first case of divorce, linked to the Ashley Madison hack, from a woman whose husband was among the 35 million names that the list revealed on Wednesday.

After stealing personal information from the site, the Impact Team, the name with which the hackers go by, made the data of the cheating site public on August 18. The team had asked the website, which enables married individuals to find partners for affairs, to close down failing which they would make the data public. 

Among the email addresses were more than 15,000 accounts created with US .mil or .gov email addresses.

The trap websites that reveal the names and sexual fantasies of Ashley Madison cheaters are being crowded by suspicious spouses.

Lawyers are expecting many more marriages to end, an article on MailOnline written by Martin Robinson said. 

According to the article, Relate, UK's largest marriage counselling service said the number of calls from women questioning their relationships after their partner was on the online cheating site has been soaring.

Robinson quoted Nigel Shepherd, from Mills and Reeve, a family law firm, saying "If someone finds out their partner on the site have committed adultery, it is obvious why would go to a legal expert."



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