news Tuesday, May 05, 2015 - 05:30
In a latest development in the controversy surrounding Kumar Vishwas, the AAP leader refused to appear before the Delhi Women’s Commission (DWC) citing that he had not received any notice from them. A woman, an AAP vounteer, had alleged that her marital life was in jeopady after rumours of an alleged affair with Kumar Vishwas surfaced.  The woman then approached the DWC. "If out of arrogance Kumar Vishwas does not come we will then see what step to take next," Barkha Singh, the DWC Chairperson was quoted by Times of India. On Monday evening, the controversy took a dramatic turn as a new video showing the girl being coached by a man who the AAP alleged was an ex-Congress man emerged. Conspiracy captured? — Dr Kumar Vishvas (@DrKumarVishwas) May 4, 2015 In the video, the man is seen tutoring the girl on what needs to be said before the media persons and it was no surprise to see that she repeated what she was taught. Addressing the reporters, she denies being affiliated to BJP or any other political party and it is a move to malign her image. She further states that her “life is under threat.” Soon after this video emerged, Kumar Vishwas tweeted as "Conspiracy captured?" and many of his followers came in support of him.