news Saturday, June 13, 2015 - 05:30
  Deepening the eerie atmosphere associated with the case of a city man who confessed living with his sister's corpse, police have found several letters suggesting the family members communicated with each other in writing. Police on Wednesday night stumbled upon maggot infested skeletons of Debjani De and two dogs while investigating the death of Arabinda De, the owner of the house whose charred body was found inside a bathroom hours earlier. Police reached the house in south Kolkata's Shakespeare Sarani after getting a call about a fire. Debjani's brother Partha, now undergoing treatment at a mental hospital, had confessed to police about living with the corpse of his sister who died six months ago. Police, who sent samples of the skeletons for DNA testing, have ruled out any foul play in the incident. "No signs suggesting violence such as injuries or fractures were found on Debjani skeleton. As regards Arabinda, it is a case of suicide. No homicidal angle had been found in the case. Till now we have not detected any foul play in the incident," Joint Commissioner of city police P.K. Ghosh said. Ghosh also said no embalming chemicals were found on Debjani's body. Besides several laptops, police have recovered a diary written by Partha along with several letters. Refusing to reveal the contents, Ghosh said the letters were in three different hand writings suggesting the family members used to mutually communicate in black and white. Besides evidence suggesting Partha used to "feed" the skeletons, spooky music CDs containing voice of an American evangelist were also recovered. Meanwhile, a five-member medical board, including three psychologists, has been formed for Partha who is admitted at Calcutta Pavlov Hospital, where the doctors have expressed apprehension that he may develop suicidal tendency. "Partha has depression... from time to time there is agitation. He isn't talking to anybody. He is unwilling to interact... he wants isolation," hospital superintendent Ganesh Prasad said. "Till now, he is unwilling to share anything. He is only pleading that he be sent to a home (run by the Missionaries of Charity) founded by Mother Teresa. He says he won't stay at the hospital," Prasad said. The superintendent said Partha appeared to have a "sentimental attachment" with his father, sister Debjani and the two dogs. "He is spiritual. He says he has connection with his father, sister and the dogs." "A suicidal tendency among patients with such a background can't be ruled out," said Prasad. "We even have to counsel him to take food," he added. With IANS