(NCRB) in its latest revealed data showed that only 33 internet-related cases were reported from Kochi in 2016.

Kochi schools move to curb cyber abuse after NCRB says cyber-crime under reported in the city
news Crime Friday, December 15, 2017 - 08:39

As National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that cyber-crimes in Kochi are under reported in the city, many schools have come together for an initiative to curb cyber abuse. As many as 30 schools have come together to pen a comprehensive and progressive cyber policy, which was mandated by CBSE earlier this year.

Premalatha Shaji, from Cochin Refineries Public School, who is spearheading this project said that, “It was identified, all the students in schools were falling victim to various kinds of cybercrimes, varying from bullying to stalking”, reports TOI.

The report added that all the schools have formed a cyber-club which includes the principal and other members representing the students, parents, teachers and the councillors. A meeting was held last month between the councillors of these schools to study the nature of cyber related problems faced by the students.

Preamalatha Shaji added, “The larger objective here is to form a comprehensive cyber policy. So, we will be using the input derived from these meetings to formulate an effective yet progressive cyber policy. If we do not inspect and explore all aspects of these issues from each stakeholder’s point of view, then the policy would fail in its purpose. All of the schools involved do not want to formulate a policy would needlessly restrict the students and hence become counterproductive”, reports TOI.

Meanwhile (NCRB) in its latest revealed data showed that only 33 cyber related cases were reported from Kochi in 2016. The latest NCRB reports say that motive of the 60% reported cyber-crimes in Kochi was illegal gain (cheating and fraud). While crime following psychiatric perversion included 3 percent and crime against women, insult to modest of women, causing disrepute constituted 28 percent.

Kochi city police commissioner M P Dinesh said, “Even if we assure them anonymity, many prefer to remain silent fearing social stigma. This is a reason for the lesser number of cases”, reports TOI. The commissioner also urged the victims to come out and register a case, “Anyone facing harassment over social media or any online space can approach the police stations or higher officials without fear,” said Dinesh.


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