news Monday, May 25, 2015 - 05:30
In a major set back to the police department, all the seven arrested from a five star hotel in Cochin for possession and consumption of illegal drugs last week, were on Monday granted bail by a court.    Three grams of ketamine, 51 grams of hashish and 8 packets of ganja were confiscated at the party on May 23. Among the seven arrested is a Russian DJ named Psykovsy, also known as Vasily Markelov.    In spite of the police confiscating the illegal drugs, the probe has hit a roadblock, as the court has granted bail to the accused on the grounds that the police could not scientifically prove that they consumed any drug. As all the seven accused were granted bail by the Ernakulam District Magistrate  court, the police is left with evidences that does not even put the crime in perspective.    According to a report by Reporter TV, the police is said to believe that Cochin, an emerging city of Kerala, has been on the hit list of drug mafia for a while.    A report by Malayala Manorama suggests that the police suspects the involvement of the organisers of the party, citing that the registration fee charged by the organizers is not sufficient to host a party of that magnitude, especially when a Russian DJ was hired.