Sasikala teacher is the perfect raw material for internet memes.

Khans are bed bugs Jesus is a communist and other gems from Sasikala teacher
news Controversial Speech Friday, May 26, 2017 - 13:19

Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi President KP Sasikala is no stranger to controversies, and as you read this, she could very well be making another explosive statement.

A native a Pattambi in Palakkad district, Sasikala has over the years earned the title of self-proclaimed custodian of the Hindu religion, and of people belonging to the religion. Where a Hindu is wronged, Sasikala teacher fights the battle with her fiery speeches.

From her statements "re-defining" Onam as the birthday of Vamana and not the comeback of King Mahabali, to other "explosive" statements mostly directed at Christianity and Islam, Sasikala teacher is the perfect raw material for internet memes!

As her statement that Hindus wouldn't let MT Vasudevan Nair's Randamoozham be filmed in the name of "Mahabharatam" makes news, here’s a look at the other times that Sasikala teacher defied all logic.

1. When she implied that Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was another version of The Bible.

"We will not let a film, based on a random novel, be named after the epic Mahabharata. After all, when other novels were adapted into films, the films were named after the novel itself. Then why is MT's Randamoozham named Mahabharata when it comes on the screens? When Da Vinci Code was made into a film, did they name it Bible?"

2. Who is the world's first Communist? Jesus Christ, says Sasikala teacher.

"You should all learn this. You can expect this question for competitive exams. Who is the world's first Communist? Not Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels or anyone else. It is Jesus Christ."

She quickly added that this not her statement, but that of Rev. Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan.

3. When Sasikala compared the popular Khans of Indian film industry to bed bugs.

"There are some Khans in this country, who have become fat after sucking our money (by watching films in theatre) like a bed bug would suck all your blood. Now, it turns out that these Khans are not able to live in India. Didn't they act before the Hindu population? Still they say they are scared of living in India. This is the only country where Muslims are living in peace."

4. When she told Christians why they shouldn’t ‘save’ Hindus.

She famously declared: “You couldn’t even save you own Jesus Christ, so you don't need to try to save us too."

"Mother Teresa lived as the mother of the deprived in Calcutta. The poor of Calcutta could at least manage to feed themselves. Across the border is Bangladesh, where there are so many people starving. Why didn’t Mother Teresa feed them? She didn’t go across the border to a Muslim country. Why? Because she knew they (Muslims) would not keep quiet. What's the situation in Pakistan? They will hack at the mention of a Christian cross. A Hindu is self-sufficient, you needn't help us,” she said.


5. When Sasikala teacher made a "fishy speech" on the communal seas of Kerala.

Sasikala teacher claimed that Hindu fishermen in the state are not allowed to venture out to certain areas of the seas, and that even the sea has a religion.

“Hindus are not allowed to venture out to Attingal sea. In Thiruvananthapuram, near Attingal, a Hindu cannot go to the sea. Only a Christian is allowed to do so. Not even a single Hindu is allowed to go past the Neendakara bridge to catch fish."


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