Kevin’s father Rajan alias Joseph rejects Neenu’s parents allegations that she is a person with mental health issues.

Kevin murder case As Neenus mother tries to discredit her his family stands by her
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It’s been just over a month since her husband was killed. But 21-year-old Neenu continues to face barbs from her family.

Her father and brother are in jail, accused of abducting her husband Kevin and allegedly killing him. Her mother, who has not been included as an accused in the case, is now at the forefront trying to discredit Neenu.

On Wednesday morning, Neenu’s mother Rehana Chacko told media in Kottayam that Neenu has mental health issues. Last month, Neenu’s father Chacko had made the same claim about her mental health and moved the Judicial First Class Magistrate Ettumanur on June 5 seeking to shift Neenu to a shelter home.

23-year-old Kevin and 21-year old Neenu had been in love for two years. Neenu is a student of Geology and Water Management at BK College in Amalagiri in Kottayam. Her family belongs to Thenmala in Kollam and she was staying in the hostel for her studies when she fell in love with Kevin.

Though Neenu’s brother Shanu Chacko is the prime accused in Kevin’s murder case and her father Chacko is the fifth accused, her mother Rehana has not been made an accused.

Rehana moved the High Court seeking anticipatory bail in the case and had been absconding after the role of the family in the case was exposed. Despite Kevin’s friends insisting that Rehana had threatened Kevin, the police, who have already been in trouble for helping Chacko’s family, have kept her out of the case.

Rehana’s allegations and claims about Neenu through television channels have hurt Kevin’s father Joseph.

“How can they come up with such allegations? She has become one among us, a beloved member of the family for my wife, daughter and me. I don’t even think I can say she is ‘like our daughter’, she is more than a daughter. Not just my family, you ask our neighbours how she behaves,” Joseph told TNM.

The sight of Joseph holding Neenu, as both sat near Kevin’s dead body, is an image that most Keralites will not forget for long.

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Joseph’s family wasn’t aware of their son’s love affair with Neenu, or the registered wedding, till he was kidnapped. But that did not stop them from welcoming Neenu to their home.

Kevin was found dead on May 28 after being abducted in the wee hours of May 27. Since then, Neenu has been staying with his parents at their home at Nattassery in Kottayam.

“We have become so close that we make fun of Neenu regarding her parents’ claim that she has mental illness. Also to lighten the situation. It’s been 40 days since she began living with us, that’s enough time to judge a person’s behaviour I think. She is very mature; we don’t need to tell her do this or do that, she does things without being directed by someone,” Joseph says.

Joseph’s voice is full of enthusiasm as he speaks of how quickly Neenu has become a part of their family.

“She regularly goes to college from our home. I am back to work now. We are waiting to see the progress in the case, nothing else,” he says.

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