Kerala's wedding of magic: Guests left amused as magician bride disappears on stage

Ammu does a vanishing trick at her own wedding!
Kerala's wedding of magic: Guests left amused as magician bride disappears on stage
Kerala's wedding of magic: Guests left amused as magician bride disappears on stage
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When one has a magician as a bride-to-be, the groom’s family must beware lest the bride do a disappearing act at the marriage venue.

And that’s exactly what happened at Anand and Ammu’s wedding at Alapuzha on February 4.

The wedding guests began to shift uneasily in their chairs waiting for the bride to turn up. Just when their minds were on the verge of declaring a bride-missing case, as she seemed to have simply disappeared from the marriage venue, there was Ammu reappearing in a glass cabinet onstage, all decked up in golden silk amidst billowing smoke.

The rousing reception that Ammu got on her grand entry soon gave way when someone noticed that it was now the groom’s turn to have vanished into thin air.

Everyone but Ammu seemed unruffled as she waved an imaginary magical wand and lo behold, conjured up her husband-to-be from within a giant lotus which bloomed at just the right moment on stage.

The applause just doubled as Anand and Ammu then joined together in blessed matrimony, much to the relief of all present. Having famed magician Samraj and well-known director-actor Balachandran Menon too among the invited guests lent the auspicious ceremony the requisite glamour quotient.

The lone child of writer Rajasekharan Muthukulam and C Sreelatha, Ammu had always been fascinated with the magical world since the age of three. A self-taught magician, Ammu specializes in vanishing tricks and escape stunts and has even driven vehicles blindfolded.  

Having done her post-graduation in Cinema and Television, Ammu is also the recipient of several awards for excellence in magic including the Junior Chamber International India’s Yuva Prathiba Award and the Kalithattu Muthukulam Award.

Ammu gushes to The News Minute: “I’m so happy with the way my wedding turned out. It’s indeed a memorable occasion for me. It was Achan (father) who came up with this idea to try something different so as to make my marriage stand out from scores of weddings that take place daily. Once we agreed on the manner in which it could be done, artist Sujathan known for his famed theatre backdrops and a close family friend volunteered to design the stage. So everything just fell in place.”

Apart from Anand and her own immediate family and a few chosen friends, no one was privy to the secret which was planned to take their guests by surprise.

Ammu smiles: “Since Anandettan and I had already tied the knot at a temple in the morning, we didn’t have to worry about delaying the muhurtham (auspicious hour) with our elaborate stage-act. Since none knew about what was planned, the shock-and-awe effect truly worked to making the ceremony a grand success.”

That she has found an ideal mate in Anand Omanakuttan is there for all to see, as he ably supported his new bride in making their wedding a truly magical experience.

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