Kerala nursing assistant twists patient’s fingers in fit of anger, suspended

Kerala Health Minister K K Shylaja ordered a probe into the incident.
Kerala nursing assistant twists patient’s fingers in fit of anger, suspended
Kerala nursing assistant twists patient’s fingers in fit of anger, suspended
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In another incident of cruelty displayed by hospital staff in Kerala, a video of a nursing assistant hurting a patient at the Government Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram is doing the rounds on social media.

In the video, nursing assistant, Sunil Kumar, can be seen twisting a patient’s fingers. The patient, Vasu, was admitted to the orthopaedic ward of the hospital.

In the video, shot by someone near Vasu’s bed, a visibly angry Sunil can be seen saying something to Vasu. He holds Vasu’s hand and begins pressing down on Vasu’s fingers. The conversation is incoherent in the video, but after a few seconds, Vasu can be seen reacting sharply and flinching, but Sunil does not let go of Vasu’s hand. He continues to twist Vasu’s fingers, and only lets go after some time. Even after that, Sunil makes a gesture so as to threaten Vasu that he would hit him. He utters something in anger and leaves after that. No bystanders intervened or even noticed Sunil’s actions.

Vasu was admitted to the hospital on March 19 and discharged on March 23. When the video in question was shot is unknown.

After the video went viral, the hospital suspended Sunil Kumar. The Health Minister, K K Shylaja, too has taken cognisance of the issue and has directed for the hospital superintendent to carry out a probe into the incident. She has also directed the hospital officials to take stern action if he is found guilty.

Dr M S Sharmad, the hospital’s superintendent Sunil had been placed under suspension and an enquiry had been launched.

"As per the primary enquiry carried out by Deputy Superintendent,  the Nursing Superintendent was found guilty, and hence he has been placed under suspension,"  Sharmad said.

"Further treatment for the patient will be free as per the direction of the Health Minister," he added

Just last week, an old man who was severely injured in a road accident in Kerala was left almost upside down outside a hospital for several minutes, allegedly by an ambulance driver. Video footage showed the man lying almost upside down on a stretcher, one end of which is still inside the ambulance. He later passed away at the Thrissur Medical College Hospital.

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