Dimple will get parole only after 15 months of imprisonment.

Kerala nurse gets 25 year jail term in Australia for killing premature baby in car crash
news Law Thursday, September 07, 2017 - 09:17

A Kerala nurse was sentenced to two and half years in jail by a County Court in Melbourne over a car crash that caused the premature birth and subsequent death of a baby.

Dimple Grace Thomas, 38, crashed her car into the one driven by Ashlea Allen who was 28 weeks pregnant with baby Milarniah. 

Though the infant was kept in incubator for three days, she couldn’t survive.

As per the reports, Dimple drove on a one-way stretch of the South Gippsland Highway, to avoid traffic.

The Age report says that she illegally crossed three one way stretches and crashed into Allen’s car.

Allen had undergone an emergence caesarean after the accident. 

Dimple will get parole only after 15 months of imprisonment and she would be deported from the country after the completion of her sentence.

As per the reports, the court observed that Dimple showed disregard for the law by driving in a wrong manner.

“Never wish for any other mother to go through because the pain and suffering are too much. Our family should have been complete but is now forever broken. The sentence can never take back the fact we lost our daughter,” Allen, says, as quoted by The Age.

Apology letters written by Dimple to Allen were also produced before the court.

Dimple was on bail since November 2016 under strict conditions. 

Her passport was confiscated by the court. 

She was neither allowed to leave Victoria nor apply for a new passport.

Though Dimple had argued that she was not aware that the road was one way as she was not fluent in English, the Court observed that she was educated in English and had also given an interview in Australia in English.