There are a lot of famous dishes around the place but if you are on a short trip and you want to taste some of the best and tasty dishes.

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God’s Own Country, Kerala is a place where everyone loves to go there at least once in their lifetime. The lives there are simple, and the places there are heavenly. Anyone who goes there will be completely mesmerized by the beauty of the place. As we are talking about the place, the food there is simply wonderful. But what makes their food so unique and special? How can they look so simple yet have some distinct flavors?

If you're planning to visit Kerala, you can have a look at these Kerala tours by eKeralaTourism and choose your desired package. There are a lot of famous dishes around the place but if you are on a short trip and you want to taste some of the best and tasty dishes, you got to try these 10 dishes. We have curated a list especially for you so that you will love the experience when you visit Kerala.

1. Idiyappam

Made with rice, it is one of the best dishes for you to taste. It is best served with Sambar(lentils soup) or coconut chutney. You can even have it with egg curry but it is a staple in Kerala. You can have it or breakfast, lunch or dinner because it is available round the clock. Though Idiappam is famous in other states like Karnataka, it is widely known as Noolappam and is originally from Kerala. It is made of rice flour, a pinch of salt and water. You make them into thin strands and then round them up to make a lovely Idiyappam.

2. Malabar Paratha

Malabar Paratha is known all over the nation that it is Kerala’s famous food item. People still flock to eat this specimen even after years and years of history. It is a kind of Indian flatbread where you knead with maida, egg, oil or ghee and water. It is then made into thin layers and cooked so that it becomes like Paratha. People in the south call it Malabar Parotta where they eat it with another favorite, beef curry. Beef curry is another famous dish in Kerala which you must try and this is why we will cover it next in the list.

3. Beef fry/ Beef Curry

The people over here love to eat beef which is why it is made in different ways. Beef fry or beef curry are both famous. As covered previously, beef curry is eaten with the Malabar parotta and if you are a non-vegetarian you have to try this delicacy. It is a mixture of beef and spices like cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, and other spices items. Beef fry is also known as Naadan Beef Fry. It is well cooked and made with lots of interest. They also add curry leaves to accentuate the taste.

4. Banana chips/fritters

Banana chips and banana fritters are again a small side dish but they are super tasty and lovely to have in the main course. You can also have them as a tea time snack because they are just like the pakodas where the bananas are coated with maida ( all-purpose flour) and then deep-fried in the coconut oil. Keralites used coconut oil as their cooking oil.

5. Nadaan kozhi curry

Also known as chicken fry, Mallus love non-vegetarian food items a lot. They can even make chicken fry very interesting by frying it with the regular garlic onion and vinegar. This is feisty and you will really love it when you have it with rice.

6. Appam with Stew

Appam is a Kerala staple food. It is made from coconut milk and the fermented rice. It is just like pancakes but is more crispy. Stew is the mixture of cinnamon, shallots, cloves and also coconut milk and is generally eaten by Appam. Appam is a bit sweet and is quite different than pancakes. So if you are assuming that Appam which you are going to taste is similar to pancakes then you are wrong. Go without any expectations and be amazed by the taste of such a simple dish. It can be had it in breakfast or in lunch or any time you feel like having.

7. Kerala Style Tiffin

Ghee Roast means Plain dosa that is roasted with ghee. If you are vegetarian and you are bored of reading the non-veg options in this list then you have to have the Kerala Style Ghee Roast. Ghee Roast, when served with coconut chutney, is seriously tasty and you will love the breakfast. People down South call breakfast as Tiffin which is why when you come down here, don’t miss having your lovely tiffin.

8. Kerala Special Fish Curry

Kerala Special Fish Curry or the Karimeen Pollichathu is again a mind-blowing fish curry. It is also regarded as one of the ancient and traditional dishes in Kerala. You can go to any place in Kerala and you order this you will not be disappointed. It is made of pearl spot fish which is found in the Kerala backwaters. It is baked in Plantain leaves which gives that rich authentic taste. There are other fish delicacies but you should not miss this one.

9. Palada Payasam

If you are tired of reading about curries and breakfast options, we are here to present to you a sweet dish you shouldn’t miss. Just like you should not miss Pushkar’s Malpova, you should not miss eating Palada Payasam. Payasam means kheer and is prepared with Palada. It is a common dessert sweet dish in Kerala household’s during festivals and important occasions. If you are thinking of something traditional then don’t miss tasting this wonderful dessert.

10. Sadya

Sadya is like a banquet for the Malayalis where they eat all kinds of items on the banana leaf. The meal contains: rice, parippu, sambar, rasam, kaalan, avial, and 22 other dishes served on a single banana leaf. If there is a boat race happening the dishes may go up to 64 too. This dish is had during Onam or special occasions like weddings. One more important thing to note is that people sit down and have it with their hands. The whole dish is vegetarian and is simply hard to miss.

Final Words

Thus, whenever you are planning to go to Kerala, don’t forget to have food on a banana leaf! Apart from that, enjoy the beauty of Kerala in the people, places and certainly the food.

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