Kerala Brahmins Association takes offence to 'Pattarude Mutton Curry' short film title

In a letter, the association has argued that Brahmins are typically vegetarian and hence the use of 'Mutton Curry' in the title is insulting.
Mutton curry in a big white bowl
Mutton curry in a big white bowl
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The Kerala Brahmins Association (Kerala Brahmana Sabha) is up in arms against a yet-to-be-released Malayalam short film titled Pattarude Mutton Curry. The association has taken offence to the title, alleging that it is ‘insulting to Brahmin culture’. The body has, in a letter to the Regional Officer of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Thiruvananthapuram,  asked for the short film ‘to not be certified’.

However, being a short film that is meant for a YouTube release, it needn't be certified by the CBFC.  

'Pattar' is a colloquial — and some say offensive term — used to refer to Brahmins in Malayalam. In the letter, the Association argues that the term is a foul or derogatory way of addressing Brahmins. The letter also argues that the title mentioning 'mutton curry' is a deliberate attempt to insult the community.

“The fact that Brahmins are vegetarians is also known to all. Thus the usage of the word ‘Pattars’ and ‘Mutton Curry’ is intended to insult the Brahmins,” reads the letter signed by Karimpuzha Raman, State President of the Kerala Brahmana Sabha. 

Pattarude Mutton Curry, directed by Arjun Babu, is a yet to be released short film that is set to premiere on March 20. According to its YouTube premiere link, the film’s title has now been changed to ‘Mutton Curry’. However, in the comments section, several people have asked for the content of the film to be 'reviewed' before it is released. The film stars young actors Sughosh, Nisha and Anand. 

The Association also states that it will move the Kerala High Court if the issue is not resolved by the CBFC and the Kerala Film Chamber, as the body believes that the film and its title is ‘creating communal disharmony’. 

“We also want the film to be reviewed to check if it is insulting or offensive to the community. If so, we will also call for changes in the story,” the State President adds. 

TNM has reached out to director Arjun Babu but is yet to receive a response.

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