Actors Prithviraj, Balchandra Menon and Neeraj Madhav post disclaimers on Facebook regarding their endorsement of the saffron party.

Kerala BJP supporters use star-power for poll campaign but without their permission
news Kerala2016 Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 17:37

Actor Prithviraj terms them the closet genius in his Facebook post referring to the smart alec(s) who have been putting out fake news both online and offline endorsing his public support to the saffron party in Kerala in the build-up to the assembly elections to be held on May 16.

This is what he has to say regarding the same: “For the past few days, I've been seeing "statements" apparently put out by me, endorsing various political parties leading up to the impending elections. Although I do have my own clear perspective on our socio-political scenario, I would like to put it out that none of these have actually been said by me and they belong to some closet genius/geniuses who think online anonymity is a license to use anybody's name for any propaganda that suits their convenience….

(The meme doing the rounds claiming Prithviraj is supporting the BJP)

Another popular actor Neeraj Madhav too took to Facebook to refute any such endorsement of the BJP or any political party for that matter: “Fake news has been doing rounds, featuring me endorsing a political party. I would like to dismiss this news as a piece of someone's imagination. With all due respect to every political party, I have strictly no intentions to be involved in any sort of political campaigning and neither do I support any parties.”

As part of their electoral campaigning, BJP supporters have been featuring many known South Indian film personalities such as Mohanlal, Ajith, Balachandran Menon, Renji Pannikar, Praveena, Neraj Madhavan and Prithviraj to name a few who apparently have come out in support of the blooming of the lotus in the state from where it is yet to garner a legislative or a parliamentary seat.

(This one says actor Ajith likely to join the BJP)

(meme saying actor Balachandra Menon believes the BJP is the solution to Kerala's problems).

Actor and filmmaker Balachandra Menon too is not amused and has released a video saying he has never spelt out his political stand.

I feel its my duty to give clarity regarding a recent post in whatsapp and facebook regarding my political...

Posted by Balachandra Menon on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whether this is being done with the connivance of the party’s leadership is yet to be confirmed. However with Prithviraj and Neeraj openly denying any such endorsement on social media, BJP now finds itself in a deeply embarrassing situation having to explain away such irresponsible acts by its supporters.

But it’s not just the BJP, Left enthusiasts too have been busy making up quotes. Singer Gayatri Asokan who has featured in campaign pictures by either side says, “I am not affiliated with any political party .My pictures have been circulated on fb and whatsapp that I have promised my vote to a certain party . They have used my pictures without my permission . Please refrain from circulating such false propaganda. Thank you!”

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