It's goat to be a hard time for him.

 Karunanidhi is SO wrong about voters being goats What a goat did to him in 2007 ROFLRedpix
Blog Blog Sunday, June 05, 2016 - 09:37

Some among us are happy losers, we let go of a loss and move on.

Not Karunanidhi. You cannot be a politician and be a happy loser.

A couple of days before turned 93 on June 4, 2016, Karunandhi took on the people of Tamil Nadu who chose to dump the DMK over the incumbent AIADMK in the recent assembly polls. Apparently, he was so unhappy about the polls which gave Jayalalithaa a historic second consecutive term, that in a statement he referred to the people of Tamil Nadu and said “goats are believing only the butchers”. He also repeated the reference during his speech on his birthday.

Is he saying that we the people of Tamil Nadu are idiots who don’t know what is good for us, and are leading ourselves to the slaughterhouse?

BJP's TN Chief Tamilisai Soundarrajan was quick to react saying "it has been routine for Karunanidhi to blame people in this fashion, when he is defeated."

But here is the fun bit. While people dumping Karunanidhi is getting his goat, he seems to be forgetting that the goats never really took a liking to him.

Here is a hilarious instance from 2007 on his 84th birthday.

A creative and over-enthusiastic party functionary from Kolathur village in Salem district thought it would be a great idea to grab Kalaignar’s attention amidst all the gold and silver being showered on him, so, he got Karunanidhi a goat as a gift!

When the goat got to the dais, the party worker forced the goat to bow down and show some respect. What did the goat do? It  refused to do so, and ran for its life, leaving Kalaignar red-faced.

Yes, that happened.

Karma is a mean little lamb, especially since it knew what was going to happen in the future. This was the goat’s revenge in the past for what Karunanidhi said now.

Here is the original report.

A party functionary from Kolathur village in Salem district, led a goat to the dais and presented it to the leader. As an amused Karunanidhi looked on, the activist tried to force the goat bow down to show respect. However, the animal tried to flee. Finally, it was handed over to one of the organisers.

And let’s remember, this happened when he was in power. 

So here is the thing, dear Kalaignar, the goat analogy perhaps works quite well for the voters of Tamil Nadu. Evidently, they know who to run away from.

And Karunanidhi’s birthdays and goats have a long history.

As he turned 91 in 2014, a goat was presented to him for sacrifice, and it had a poster of Karunandhi and Stalin on it. Perhaps a prediction of the slaughtering they were to receive in 2016. Watch the video from RedPix below.

If Karunanidhi want the voters, or as he likes to call them, the goats, they shouldn’t have to choose the butcher over him. 



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