Question is, did those around him survive too?

Karnatakas Captain Underpants Meet the man who did not take a bath for 33 straight days and survived
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If you've grown up in an Indian household, chances are that your family has inculcated in you the habit of taking a bath daily. 

Even then, once in while or so, if we are feeling too lazy, or are getting late for work, we may skip the shower. But no-shower days usually don't last for too long, considering the hot and humid weather conditions in the Indian subcontinent. 

But there are some who can go not days, but weeks and apparently even months without taking a bath. 

A Reddit user called Thisisbhusha, who skipped a bath for more than a month at a stretch, recently conducted an Ask Me Anything session on it. Thisisbhusha said he hails from southern coastal Karnataka and was living in the hostel during the time. And no, he is not an engineer. 

"I went without a bath or shower from 11th november to 14th december. AMA! I also went through those 33 days with only two underpants. This was in South coastal Karnataka," he wrote. 

During this period, he says he went to college every day, barring the "last two-ish weeks when I had exams and I was travelling". 

"The weather is horrible. Always super humid. We did have AirCon in the class, cafeteria, and library; where I hung out mostly, only to return to my hostel room to sleep," he wrote in a comment. 

While some Redditors did find the subject icky, there were plenty who were more curious. 

Thisisbhusha answered most of the questions quite frankly. This is how he survived 33 days in humid coastal Karnataka without taking a bath.

(Gross alert ahead!)

Two underpants and 33 days, did you say? 

Is he doing fine?

Why stop at 33 days? 

Sometimes, a half truth is as good as full truth

Didn't people around him notice? Or rather smell him? 

At the end of the day, nothing like taking a bath

Wondering why engage is such seeming madness?

If you ever intend to do the same, here's how to keep body odour at bay

Did he ask people around him if he was smelly?

A month without shower and no fungal infections?

Can't get around itchiness and oily skin though

Read the full AMA here

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