Karnataka man arrested for allegedly making guns illegally

Davanagere police seized illicitly procured bullets, gunpowder and two guns from his residence.
Davangere cops posing with illegal rifles seized
Davangere cops posing with illegal rifles seized
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The Davanagere Police arrested a man for allegedly making guns illegally at his home. Kumar Veeraswamy, to avoid any suspicion from authorities, bought materials and made guns at his home with his son Umbresh, who is absconding.

The official who led the investigation told the media, “We were tipped off about the activities happening in their household. When we raided their home, we recovered two guns, bullets, gunpowder and other materials essential for the usage of these guns.” He also added that Veeraswamy’s son had managed to evade them.

The father-son duo was booked under the Arms Act. Based on the preliminary inquiry, officials said that they are allegedly part of a racket. In order to uproot the racket, officials have been keeping an eye on the raw material suppliers.

The incident is not uncommon. The police have time and again busted such rackets that make guns illegally to hunt animals. Such cases have been reported in Chikkavvanagathihalli in 2013 and 2016.

“Our main motive is to curb the unnecessary hunting of the farm and wild animals for leisure in our jurisdiction,” said the police official while revealing that the talukas of Nyamathi, Chikkavvanagathihalli and the adjoining regions are plagued by the problem.

“If one wants a gun for protection of farms or personal protection, we urge you to secure a licensed gun after notifying the responsible authorities. However, if anyone attempts to flout the rules and regulations, we will take strict action against them,” said the official.  

Nyamathi and adjoining talukas in Davanagere district have a history of hunting wild animals in the surrounding forests and farm animals. The general population have been known to carry a gun with them in the past. With the increasing risk, the government strictly regulated the licensing of firearms. 


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