Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said that employees will receive this additional amount over their stipend.

Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar at an earlier Press conference
news COVID-19 Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 08:45

Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar, on Monday, announced that the state government has approved the allotment of Rs 10,000 as a risk allowance to the doctors hired on a contractual basis to execute COVID-19 duty. Similarly, contractual nursing employees will receive an additional Rs 8,000 to the stipend they are receiving. Group D employees, he said, will also receive a risk allowance of Rs 10,000. “The government will be paying a risk allowance to all the contractual employees and group D workers. The employees will receive risk allowance for the months of April and May and then for the preceding months,” the Health Minister said.

The state government has announced the installation of CCTV cameras in all COVID-19 wards in all state-run hospitals in the state, Sudhakar told the media. 

Speaking about the ASHA workers’ complaints of not having received their salaries, the minister noted that the government has resolved to accredit their salaries at the beginning of the month. He noted that their outstanding payments will be handed to them in a couple days’ time.

The minister then discussed Mucormycosis or the black fungus situation in the state and announced that 433 people have been hospitalised due to the infection, while 11 more are waiting to be hospitalised. He further noted that the government has also identified over 400 more who they suspect to have the infection; twelve people in the state have succumbed to black fungus, he said.

Sudhakar told the media that Karnataka is all set to receive 1000 vials of Amphotericin B — a drug used to treat Mucormycosis — among the 18,000 vials that India will be receiving. He said that he had met the officials and drug controller on Monday morning and discussed the situation in detail. He has ordered all the hospitals and medical colleges — private and government — to upload data related to the fungal infection online.