"If he has any evidence on Hindu terror, he is welcome to produce it before the NIA," the protesters said.

Kamal is a star only because of Hindus Vizag group burns actors effigyScreenshot
news Protest Monday, November 06, 2017 - 08:21

Members of the Jana Jagrana Samithi burnt an effigy of actor Kamal Haasan in Visakhapatnam on Sunday, to protest against his 'objectionable remarks' on 'Hindu extremism'.

The protest took place in front of the Gandhi Statue, opposite the main office of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), with protesters demanding stern action against the actor. 

"Kamal Haasan rose to stardom only because Hindus watched his movies. It is not proper for him to make objectionable remarks on Hindus. If he has any evidence on Hindu terror, he is welcome to produce it before the NIA, failing which he should tender a public apology," Samithi State president K Vasu was quoted as saying.

This is not the first threat that the actor is facing, since his latest column in Tamil magazine Vikatan early last week.  

Alleging that terrorism has now spread to the Hindu camp, Kamal wrote, “Earlier, the Hindu right would not personally indulge in violence, but instead through their debates they would incite their opponents to violence. But once this tactic failed, they started using muscle power instead of dialogue. They too have started using violence. They can no longer challenge saying 'Can you show me a Hindu Terrorist?'”

“Terrorism has spread to that extent in their camp. This terrorism is neither a win nor progress for those who call themselves Hindus. Going from 'Truth alone triumphs' to 'Might alone triumphs' will make us all barbaric,” he added. 

Following this, a senior leader of a Hindu outfit, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, said that people like Kamal Haasan should be "shot dead".

Mahasabha leader Ashok Sharma said that such people accused the followers of Hinduism of Hindu terror only to "push their own biased communal agenda".

"There is no other way to handle people like Kamal Haasan but to either hang them or shoot them dead," he said.

Kamal hit back, saying, "If we question them, they call us anti-nationals and want us jailed. Now since there is no space in jails they want to shoot us and kill us."



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