“No wonder gluttony is condemned in every religion,” says Kamal

Kamal Haasan blames aerated drinks for director Rajesh Pillais untimely demise
news Gluttony Tuesday, March 08, 2016 - 17:06

Trust Kamal Haasan to voice something which everyone seems to be talking off in hushed whispers i.e. the exact reason of Malayali director Rajesh Pillai’s untimely demise at just 41 years of age.

Rajesh reportedly died of complications resulting from non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis and the exact culprit -reports say- was his supposed unhealthy binging on junk food and aerated drinks.

Though many of the deceased’s close friends and relatives vehemently deny the same, that the said theory was first put forth by another close friend has only served to enhance the gossip surrounding the real reason for the talented director’s sudden death.

Actor Kamal Haasan however chose to squarely blame the addiction to aerated drinks as the cause for snuffing out Rajesh’s life. Kamal minced no words in holding pesticide-infused colas as Rajesh’s killer.

“No wonder gluttony is condemned in every religion. This guy ate burgers and drank aerated American drinks as if his life depended on them…in total spite of water. His cirrhosis was not alcohol-induced. Much worse, pesticides mixed in supposedly refreshing drinks killed him,” Kamal reportedly said while talking to the media.

You can read the article here.

Kamal is said to have been appalled at Rajesh’s craving for junk food and colas when his scriptwriter friend Sanjay told him that Rajesh had to be hospitalized once earlier for withdrawal symptoms from aerated drinks.

He also reiterates that it is high time for people to wake up to the harmful effects of what consumption of such unhealthy food can lead to rather than blindly aping the ‘eating habits enforced on us by avaricious merchants’.

Speaking of his affection for the ‘over-weight intelligent guy’, Kamal says that he had held great hopes for him. He had wanted to produce Rajesh’s Malayalam blockbuster ‘Traffic’ in Tamil but had to back out at the last moment due to some production issues.

But doctors assert that consumption of junk food or aerated drinks alone cannot lead to a diseased liver condition. Dr. Prakash Zechariah of PVS Hospital in Kochi says that this could aggravate an already existing liver disease but it could not be held as the sole cause for any liver ailment.

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