Kamal Haasan backs OPS, but says TN people don’t need to be ‘shepherded’

Kamal said that he was exasperated by 40 years of broken promises.
Kamal Haasan backs OPS, but says TN people don’t need to be ‘shepherded’
Kamal Haasan backs OPS, but says TN people don’t need to be ‘shepherded’
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After a series of cryptic tweets on the present political turmoil in Tamil Nadu, one even quoting the Thirukkural, actor Kamal Haasan not only clarified his statements on Wednesday, but went so far as to back O Panneerselvam as Chief Minister.

In an interview to India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai, Kamal said, “Right now, we have a choice. A CM has been sworn in and he has not shown any signs of damage or incompetency. He has been good so far. We don't know what's coming to us.” Hitting out at political leaders for the present political crisis, he added, “You can't keep dumping us with your indecisions. This is party's indecision."

The Tamil star went on to admit that during the jallikattu protests in January he had spoken to the then CM OPS, noting, “The last conversation I had with him was during the jallikattu, where I told him he should go to the people. We'll have to realise how the state can be run." Kamal Haasan had then backed the large-scale student protests at Chennai Marina Beach and was one among several actors who had demanded that the Supreme Court ban on the bull-taming sport be reversed.

Although Kamal voiced his support for OPS, he cautioned that the leader is only a “tool to exercise his democratic will” and noted that there is “no throne. We have stomped on a crown before.”

While many may have been surprised by the star’s political outburst, Kamal explained:

"My anger has to come to a point of exasperation after years. I remember these broken promises for more than 40 years now. I am not blaming one party. It's high time people (of Tamil Nadu) realise their responsibilities and come forward and say - 'You told us what democracy means, but we get to call the shots. We are not getting it. We don't need leaders. We are not sheep. We don't need to be led. We want people who work for the nation just like who we are'."

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