She went to a hospital in Rajajinagar to get the virginity test done

news Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 10:05

Five years into her marriage, 31-year-old Maya, a software engineer has spoken out about the problems she faced with her husband before and after the wedding. She has filed a police complaint seeking action against her husband and against her in-laws for taking his side.

Bangalore Mirror reported that her husband, who is a scientist, had reportedly asked her to undergo a virginity test in order to assess her “honour” two months before their marriage in 2011.

However, even as she felt humiliated, she went ahead with the test. She was reportedly taken to a hospital in Rajajinagar by her then would-be sisters-in-law. The results showed that she had “passed” the test, reported Bangalore Mirror.

Even after marriage, Maya’s husband continued to suspect her of cheating and he mentally harassed her.

According to the police who have booked a dowry harassment case, the couple got introduced through a matrimonial site in 2011. The two got engaged when the scientist, who was pursuing his PhD abroad, had come to India on a holiday.

After engagement, he reportedly insisted that she go through a virginity test after seeing her pictures on Facebook, reported Bangalore Mirror.

“I was shocked at first. I wanted to tell them that I was a virgin. But had I refused to take the test, they would have doubted me. And since I was engaged to him, I agreed to undergo the test,” Maya said.

BM quoted an investigating official on condition of anonymity as saying, “She has alleged that harassing her would give her husband some kind of sadistic pleasure. She has also alleged that her in-laws harassed her for dowry.”

Maya also alleged that her husband was a kleptomaniac. He pocketed valuables while shopping and at hotels, resorts. He would ask her to steal too.

The police have sent notices to Maya's husband and the other accused, reported BM.

“In such cases, there are clear directions from the Supreme Court to hear the version of those against whom allegations have been levelled. The final call will be taken only after statements of both the parties are recorded. We are contemplating counselling for the couple so that the wedding is not called off. The woman can still withdraw her complaint by approaching the court,” the officer added.

(Names changed to protect identity)

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