Pratibha was raped and murdered in 2005.

Ktaka HC upholds life sentence for Pratibha rape and murder accused
news Murder Wednesday, June 01, 2016 - 09:27

The Karnataka High Court has upheld the life sentence given to cab driver Shivakumar for the sensational rape and murder of BPO employee Pratibha Srikantamurthy in 2005.

Shivakumar had appealed to the High Court against the conviction ordered by a fast track court in 2010.

In its October 6, 2010 jugdement, the lower court had ordered ‘imprisonment till death’ for the murder, besides 10 years each for rape and kidnapping.

On December 13, 2005, Pratibha (27) was raped and murdered by the driver Shivakumar when she boarded the cab to leave for her night shift.